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Core CompetenciesWhat You Learn
Attention Management & The Time Matrix
  • Understand the difference between urgent and important
  • Diagnose how productively you spend your time
  • Learn to say “no” to irrelevant and unimportant activities
  • Minimize and effectively manage crisis
  • Eliminate time wasters and other low priorities
Decision Management
  • Identify high-leverage activities—increase balance and productivity
  • Learn a goal-setting process to set personal and professional goals
Energy Management
  • Build energy management into your life
Roles, Goals, & Big Rock Identification
  • Understand the power of roles
  • Understand how quality relationships drive high-quality results
  • Find balance between personal and professional demands
Weekly & Daily Planning
  • Understand the keys to an effective planning system: integration, mobility, and personalization
  • Implement a three-step weekly planning process
  • Implement a three-step daily planning process
Productive technology processes
  • Design a plan for integrating multiple planning tools
  • Learn best practices for e-mail, interruptions, and procrastination
  • Use a filtering system to effectively manage incoming information