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“It’s the translation of the grand strategy down to what people do every day and the caring about what they do that is the single greatest challenge that faces every company.”
—Jim Huling,
Your Best Moment (optional 4DX video)

Business results are made up of things within our control and things over which we have no control (weather, economy, interest rates, etc.). We have partnered with over 500 organizations—supermarket chains, manufacturing operations, home builders, and the military—to help them maximize the results obtained from things they can control. The 4 Disciplines of Execution focuses on elements you can control regarding execution on your stated strategy, driving team and individual execution in the face of the whirlwind.

We at FranklinCovey have focused on assisting our clients apply their leadership and individual capabilities to improve execution within their teams and organizations. One of the first leaders to adopt The 4 Disciplines of Execution in his organization was Jim Huling, driving performance for almost five years. Prior to joining FranklinCovey, Jim Huling was one of the first leaders to adopt The 4 Disciplines of Execution in his organization. He then became the Managing Consultant for FranklinCovey’s Execution Practice and co‐authored the national best seller, The 4 Disciplines of Execution. His career spans more than three decades of corporate leadership, from Fortune 500 organizations to privately held companies, including serving as CEO of a company recognized as one of the “25 Best Companies to Work for in America.”

Center for Leadership and Change, Inc. is bringing Jim Huling to the Philippines for the first time on February 9 and 10 to talk about how to create a culture of execution. You may choose from two options: (1) contract a 3‐hour in‐house session or (2) attend the Public session on February 10 from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM at the New World Hotel Ballroom.

Contact your client partner at +632.817.2726 for more details.

“Many of the foundational values of Marriott are embodied within The 4 Disciplines of Execution. By utilizing this process inside our organization, our leaders and teams have been able to set and achieve extraordinary goals, which have had a significant impact on making 'Our Guests’ Experience' truly remarkable. Any organization can create these same kinds of breakthrough results if they apply the principles and processes.” (J.W. Marriott, Jr Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Marriott International, Inc.)