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Without an effective follow-through intervention in place, people who attend training sometimes fail to apply what they have learned—or worse, they could also simply forget what they have learned. And because your organization makes a considerable investment whenever you send your employees to training, you expect them to use that investment to the fullest.


Increase the likelihood of your FranklinCovey workshops yielding a return on your investment by providing your participants with an effective process that will prepare them for their upcoming course—and then enable them to sustain their learning over the upcoming year.

Today, you can do this with the FranklinCovey-Soundview Workshop Plus online package.

About the FranklinCovey-Soundview Workshop Plus Program

The FranklinCovey-Soundview Workshop Plus Program is a FranklinCovey workshop enhanced with a Soundview one-year learning package. The Soundview one-year learning package provides workshop participants with an online library of five book summaries and a webinar specifically chosen to enhance and complement that. The participants will also receive a one-year Soundview online subscription, which will be added to their library.

The FranklinCovey-Soundview Workshop Plus Program

  • Provide workshop participants with learning resources before and after the workshop
  • Engage the participants prior to the workshop with workshop-relevant concepts
  • Deepen the workshop learning experience
  • Sustain the learning process beyond the workshop with a Soundview subscription

The workshop participants benefit by:

  • Receiving quick to-the-point business content
  • Being workshop ready with appropriate business book summaries
  • Continuing their learning for one year after attending the workshop
  • Increasing their awareness of evolving business practices and trends

What the Participants Receive

  • Online Learning Library of five workshop-related summaries
  • A bonus webinar complementing the workshop topic
  • One-year Online Subscription with multi-media content
    • Three new book summaries per month in various formats
    • Audio author interviews
    • Book reviews
    • Industry reports
    • Executive Edge (bi-weekly self-help newsletter)
    • Executive Insights (bi-weekly video interviews)
    • Soundview Live (weekly author webinars)

For more information, or to get a free 7-day trial access to our Soundview online library, contact your Client Partner or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..