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Big Picture and Strategic Thinking


  • As leaders mature and take on increasing levels of responsibility and influence, their ability to Create Vision becomes increasingly critical. 


    This is the second Essential Role of Leaders. To fulfill this role, they must identify or define a purpose which will drive their teams forward in unity. They must rally their teams around this shared purpose with clarity. This would enable their teams to understand where they are headed and engage with one another to creatively collaborate on meaningful work.



    At the foundational level, Developing a Leader’s Mindset is another Critical Practice in this dimension. Leaders must be able to shift their paradigm, from that of an effective individual, to that of a leader who connects with and positively influences the aspirations and direction of a team and its members. They must see the bigger picture and become leaders of others.


    At the most senior levels, leaders must guide their teams in identifying, clarifying, and connecting with their Mission (why they exist), Vision (where they are headed), and Strategies (how they will get there). The most effective leaders create and drive visions which others choose to contribute to and pursue with them.



    This is part four of a series of seven articles where we will share with you some of our findings from People Manager’s Association of the Philippines (PMAP) 2019 and related principles and practices from our own experience and solutions.




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