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Coach Potential


  • The challenge of Developing Ready-Now Leaders involves equipping individuals who are moving into new and increasingly senior leadership positions with the mindsets, skills, and tools to lead. 



    It is, as well, the challenge of uplifting these future leaders to readily move towards leading others, teams, and organizations. These shifts are potentially dramatic and will demand of these future leaders to employ thinking, behaviors, and skills which may previously have been unrecognized and untapped.


    Coaching Potential is precisely about unleashing untapped talent and potential, and it is the fourth Essential Role of Leaders. It asks of senior and mature leaders to guide upcoming leaders – their coachees – toward the discovery and development of their own talents. In this way, mature leaders play a very significant role in the development of the next generation of leaders, not just as role models, but as coaches, who guide their coachees in the development of their own leadership molds.



    Effective coaches take the insights uncovered through coaching conversations and partner with their coachees to identify concrete commitments on which to apply these discoveries. This purposeful application takes coachees forward in their own development as leaders and towards the achievement of their own goals.


    The measure of mature leaders, in this way, is their ability to engage, build, and develop others and future leaders. While coaching, itself, may not appear to directly deliver traditional business results, effective coaching may, indeed, be the most impactful and sustainable method of developing future leaders. Through coaching, new and future leaders are equipped with greater access to their own potential, deeper insight and maturity in their own mindsets, and they are moved to concretely apply and develop their own skills and capabilities in their journeys towards new leadership roles.



    This is part six of a series of seven articles where we will share with you some of our findings from People Manager’s Association of the Philippines (PMAP) 2019 and related principles and practices from our own experience and solutions.




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