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Developing Ready-Now Leaders


  • At all levels, effective leaders are able to assemble, engage, and sustain winning teams who work towards and achieve clear results and goals.


    The challenge of developing ready-now leaders demands organizations to provide appropriate support for developing leaders through experience, guidance, resources, and opportunities to mature into actual leadership roles in their actions, thinking, and who they are.


    Indeed, leading in the modern age brings with it significant challenges. Many of these may appear new and unprecedented, such as the challenge of leading with and amidst the rapid and constant evolution of digital technology and the myriad of implications this brings with it. On one end, the world is getting smaller, with communication, information access, and the possibility of executing being a click away. On the other hand, the methods, practices, and even the ethics of communication have shifted significantly. Face-to-face communication has moved to text-on-screen, and then, to faces-on-multiple-screens. The boundaries of leadership scope have been redefined as well. Where geography was once the most logical and obvious defining boundary, technology is now often called upon to eliminate this boundary, and working and leading remotely are now commonplace.


    The rapid scaling of businesses, along with the enhanced ability to deliver quick and measurable results, has often propelled emerging leaders into positions of leadership sooner, rather than later. This accelerated movement stretches new leaders to learn, adopt, and excel at new skills and competencies, often without the benefit of extended prior learning and experience. They are tasked with the accountability of leading others, even as they have only begun to truly lead themselves.



    The challenges new leaders face, and the challenges organizations face in developing these new leaders and the leaders who will, in turn, follow them are, indeed, demanding. Yet, the successful development and effectiveness of leaders in the modern world take root in proven principles. Great leaders inspire trust, clarify direction and purpose, align systems and people, and unleash potential to deliver results. And, in order to do this, leaders must take on new mindsets, practice new skillsets, and employ the available tools appropriately, as they take on the responsibility of leading and developing others with the full support of their organizations.


    Great leadership can be learned and developed. Maturing to and through leadership positions is a multi-dimensional journey which stretches individuals to adopt new mindsets and develop new skills. It is a highly-challenging process that demands the development of a winning balance of character and competence.



    This is the conclusion of our seven-part article where we shared with you some of our findings from People Manager’s Association of the Philippines (PMAP) 2019 and related principles and practices from our own experience and solutions.




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