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Executing and Moving to Action


  • The most meaningful missions, visions, and the most brilliant strategies only achieve their full potential when they are executed to a level of excellence.


    The third Essential Role of Leaders is that of Executing Strategy. The ability of leaders to consistently achieve results through others is the core of this role. They must develop and align systems in their teams to support and enable them to deliver on their most important goals and objectives. Effective leaders recognize the interdependencies among their people, structures, processes, and resources, and they ensure that these are clearly aligned to deliver on their most important goals.  They create winning teams.



    At the foundational levels, new leaders are challenged to develop the sensibility of Setting Their Teams Up to Get Results. This is a Critical Practice of New Leaders. As a first step, effective leaders must create clarity on team goals and the expected results. They must also appropriately delegate work to enable team members to connect with these goals in their respective roles and clearly understand how their work contributes to these goals. Effective leaders provide the appropriate levels of support and empowerment to their teams and individual members.



    This is part five of a series of seven articles where we will share with you some of our findings from People Manager’s Association of the Philippines (PMAP) 2019 and related principles and practices from our own experience and solutions.




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