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Leadership Development: Foundations


  • From a development standpoint, the top three dimensions each relate to a critical role played by leaders. 

    The three dimensions are:

    • Adapting and Leading Amidst Change
    • Big Picture and Strategic Thinking
    • Executing and Moving to Action

    Each of these roles can, in turn, be enabled by critical behaviors or practices.

    While the challenges organizations face in developing leaders today may be new, success in many of these challenges can be achieved through the application of proven principles. The majority of these development areas are closely related to the ability of leaders to engage their teams, and influence and motivate them towards productive and meaningful action.

    Our experience has shown us that great leaders set themselves apart in four ways:


    Each of these four aspects of great leadership can be and must be developed, through effort and experience.

    In order to successfully develop and display their capability in each of the three identified critical dimensions, leaders will be pushed to anchor upon solid character and competence and build and the appropriate thinking, mindsets, and actions.



    This is part two of a series of seven articles where we will share with you some of our findings from People Manager’s Association of the Philippines (PMAP) 2019 and related principles and practices from our own experience and solutions.

    We invite you to consider your own experiences and aspirations for your own teams, and engage with us if you find inspiration in embarking on a journey to develop great new leaders together.



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