Managing Millennials

Managing Millennials


In the coming decade, organizations will experience gaps in their workforce that only Millennials can fill. Millennials are the largest generation yet, and Baby Boomers are retiring in high numbers. It’s conceivable that the demand for jobs will outweigh the supply and that Millennials will be able to pick and choose their jobs for many years.

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Managing Millennials helps managers, young and old, adapt to the new generation of workers and harness their potential. Your managers will learn to attract, retain, and unleash the potentials of these young employees.


Managing Millennials will equip your leaders with nine specific skills to better manage their Millennial employees.

  1. Show Them the Big Picture: Explain the overall outcome and reasons for doing their job well.
  2. Make it Matter to Them: Understand what they care about and help them find meaning in what they are working on.
  3. Include the Details: Help them overcome distraction and overload by giving details about their work and the results that are expected.
  4. Build a Relationship: Learn to connect with Millennials rather than treating them as subordinates and expecting them to do as they’re told.
  5. Be Positive When Correcting: Focus on areas of improvement as positive feedback to avoid defense reactions to criticism.
  6. Don’t Take Things Personally: Keep the focus on Millennials and their performance by adapting to their frank style of communication and avoid taking offense.
  7. Put Their Imagination to Work: Keep their minds and hearts engaged by using their imaginations to problem-solve and innovate.
  8. Create the Right Rewards: Recognize their award-focused upbringing by rewarding performance, whether for small contributions or large successes.
  9. Be Flexible: Focus on what gets done, not on how it gets done, and give them freedom to work how they want whenever possible.