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Project Management Essentials Live-Online

Project Management Essentials Live-Online


Many of today’s knowledgeable workers have quietly slipped into the role of the unofficial project manager. Unless they develop basic project management skills, they may not know how to handle various challenges that arise, such as managing expectations, keeping team members engaged and accountable, tracking project progress, and meeting deadlines. The result? A lot of level of stress and inconsistent results.

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The full-day webinar, Project Management Essentials for the Unofficial Project Manager®, will help you complete projects successfully. It will also help you avoid project failure by learning the five phases of project management and developing the essential project management skills associated with each phase.


You Will Learn To:

  • Identify and adopt the mindset of an effective project manager.
  • Implement the Four Foundational Behaviors to inspire your team to perform with excellence.
  • Identify and interview the project’s key stakeholders to establish clear and measurable project outcomes.
  • Create a Project Scope Statement based on clear and measurable criteria, and deal with project scope changes responsibly and respectfully.
  • Establish and manage a well-defined project schedule.
  • Hold team members accountable for by conducting Team Accountability Sessions.
  • Create a project communication plan that includes regular project status reports to sustain collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Reward and recognize the contributions of project team members and formally close the project by documenting lessons learned.