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Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager™

Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager™


With innovation happening more than ever, the new agile project economy requires more and more people across organizations to manage projects successfully. The problem is very few people receive formal training on how to do it.

No wonder 65% of all projects fail* each year!

The good news is—unofficial project managers can build confidence to lead high-value projects and engage teams in a way that inspires them to volunteer their best efforts.

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Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager combines best practices from agile and waterfall project management to equip learners with the mindset, skillset, and toolset to engage and inspire team members.

Success starts with the core agile principle of value—a project must deliver value to an organization. Once value is established, it is people who make projects successful through a consistent process.


This course will help learners:

  • Build strong informal authority that inspires project teams to consistently volunteer their best efforts.
  • Utilize a consistent process to start and finish high-value projects on time and with quality.
  • Influence and engage others to define a clear project scope, including clear deliverables and risk strategies.
  • Model openness and agility to apply proactive change management and deliver high-value projects.