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Emerging from Disruption with Excellence Live-Online

Execute Your Team’s Strategy and Goals

Emerging from Disruption with Excellence Live-Online

Execute Your Team's Strategies and Goals


In times of turbulent changes, leaders are faced with one of two choices: freeze to the point of inaction, allowing uncertainty to damage performance, results, and significantly slow a return to greatness; or they can transform fear into engagement, execute with excellence, and pivot successfully in the new normal.

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This new solution equips leaders with the essential skills and tools to execute their team’s goals even amid change.

  1. Gain understanding of where you and your team members are
  2. Identify what needs to be done to pivot and move to a Zone of Better Performance

Effective leaders know that enduring success lies in the systems—the processes, methods, or procedures we use for achieving results. There are six key systems that need to be aligned in order to consistently achieve results. We call these the Six Rights. When aligned correctly, the Six Rights enable us to get the most important work done.


Learn the basics of a proven work process for executing your team’s most important goals amid turbulent changes and uncertainty.

Effective leaders institutionalize four competencies in order to successfully execute with their teams:

  • Aligning Systems: Create, improve, and align support systems that empower employees, improve operations, delight customers, and make it easier to achieve results.
  • Goal Setting: Identifies clearly what is most important and can turn priorities into measurable goals with a clear starting line, finish line, and deadline (“From X to Y by When”). Focuses work on what is most important, not just urgent.
  • Managing and Measuring Work: Works with team to set clear objectives, measures, and expectations. Empowers team to monitor progress and results through scoreboarding and use timely feedback to improve.
  • Performance Management: Consistently and clearly communicates expectations, goals, and responsibilities, and holds people accountable to their achievements. Recognizes progress and rewards achievement.