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Winning Customer Loyalty: The 7 Habits of Outstanding Customer Service

Winning Customer Loyalty: The 7 Habits of Outstanding Customer Service

Inspire frontline leaders and managers to serve customers in ways that will delight them and build loyalty to your organization.


Customers demand in-the-moment solutions—are your team members empowered to make them?

It’s challenging to provide excellent customer service consistently at one location or on one team, let alone across your entire organization. Teaching people what to do is not enough. You must establish a foundation of empowerment so each person is able to make in-the-moment choices to delight customers, grow loyalty, and build your business.

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Inspire frontline leaders to serve customers in ways that will delight them.

We focus on the critical paradigm shifts needed to build a sustainable customer-centric culture. These new paradigms enable employees to see themselves and their customers in a totally new way.

Employees learn to:

  •      Identify the greatest opportunities to win a customer’s heart.
  •      Behave in the ways that create loyal customers.
  •      Keep these behaviors “top of mind.”
  •      Define their unique customer service strengths and how to use them.
  •      Turn unhappy customers into enthusiastic promoters.


Succeed with a customer-first culture.

Most customer service training focuses on skills—what to say and do. At FranklinCovey, we take an inside-out approach and focus on your beliefs and paradigms—who you are— to create a culture where every person puts customers first

This training is based on foundational books by two powerful leaders in personal effectiveness and customer loyalty: Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People which sold 25 million copies and Fred Reichheld, author of bestselling book The Ultimate Question 2.0, Bain Fellow and creator of NPS.