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Meeting Advantage™

Meeting Advantage™

Teaches how to plan before a meeting, focus during the meeting, and follow through after the meeting.


Do your organization’s meetings effectively bring teams together to propel your business forward?

In many organizations, employees spend up to 40 percent of their time preparing for and participating in meetings. As a result, it is mission-critical to your organization that meetings be productive and profitable. With poor planning and unclear agendas, meetings lose focus and strain resources. This sets a stage where people show up late for meetings or leave early, no one takes the lead, decisions are delayed, and worst of all, people don’t take action after the meeting.

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Take your business communication skills to the next level.

The FranklinCovey Meeting Advantage workshop is taught as a two-day, facilitator-led program where participants will learn how to:

  • Use the “Meeting Focus” tool to define mission-critical data.
  • Practice the steps to frontload high-focus meetings.
  • Select appropriate meeting methods to accomplish objectives.
  • Develop and use meeting ground rules.
  • Use the “Meeting Advantage Planner” to time-activate follow-through.
  • Review the meeting for improvements.


  1. Individuals learn how to initiate, plan, and define the meeting’s purpose.
  2. Individuals develop skills for effectively managing a productive meeting.
  3. Individuals learn how to implement effective follow-through and produce results.