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Remove Assumptions From Decisions


  • Are you flying through resumes of potential new hires so fast that you only look at the last job title and where they went to school? Delegating a task to the direct report who sits next to you (who may not be the best person for the job) because you need a task done yesterday? Automatically saying yes to requests from colleagues you like without considering your team’s bandwidth and priorities?

    Decisions like these can have long-lasting impacts. Why not take some time to reflect on them before performing them mindlessly? You can do so by questioning whether or not any assumptions are at play in your decision-making process. When you assume something, you are relying on only some of the data. 

    Exercise improved judgment in your decision making process by simply being deliberate about reflecting on your decisions before you settle on them. The few moments you invest in this habit can save you hours, days, and even weeks of recovery or damage control.


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