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Kit Malvar-Llamas

Kit is an advocate for experiential learning process as she facilitates programs for various teams in the corporate, educational, and family sectors. She founded Camp Explore, a consultancy firm based at Mount Purro Nature Reserve, a family-owned nature facility where she started her 15 years of experience in facilitating.

She has worked with local and international organizations as well as companies such the Jesuit Volunteer Program (JVP), Institute for Social Order (ISO), International Labour Organization (ILO), Bjurman, Barry and Associates in Sta. Monica, CA., and the Florida Elks Youth Camp in Umatilla, Fl. She ventured into her own family and personal entrepreneurial enterprises in the spirit of social contribution through Terra Commodities (trucking and cement company), Mount Purro Nature Reserve (nature camp event place with local community development and reforestation efforts), Camp Explore, Inc. (training and development program working with kids and youth, families, organizations, corporations), Zekaf (restaurant based in a campus) and 4Life Research Products (health and wellness).

She has worked and partnered with training and consultancy groups that have exposed her and gained her valuable training and lessons on leadership and teamwork.

Kit is married to Iñaki, who retired from Delta Airlines and is now her trainer partner. They have 2 lovely daughters–Martina, 8 years old and Natalia, 4 years old. Their careers have allowed them to spend quality family time together while they work. The valuable lessons they gain working with various teams have allowed them to practice and apply them in their own personal lives.

Kit envisions to be a catalyst in building a well-balanced, fit, sustainable,successful, and significant nation starting from herself, her family, her own team, and the various partners, clients, and customers they work with.

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